First Time Setup

Step 1. This instruction screen in the January worksheet should appear when you first open

Big E-Z Books.  

Click on “Setup” on the left menu.

Step 2.  Select one of our Preset category groups for business, non-profit or personal by

clicking on the down arrow button.

Step 3.  Click “Save”, “OK” to the warning and “OK” once again.

Note:  If you used Big E-Z Books last year you could load your categories from a previous workbook.

Or hand enter your own categories by entering income categories in January - Deposits and expense categories in January - Checks. See the Category Corner for many category sets to choose from.

 Optional Set Up


Start tracking mileage at the beginning of the year with your Odometer reading on the first period’s Cash&Charges row 3, column AL.

Reconcile All Your Accounts

Big E-Z Books will reconcile your main checkbook but use the Account Balance Tracker to reconcile monthly activity on any other accounts. This will assist you in an easy review, by account, of how money is received, expensed, or owed.


Click on “Summary”.  Enter monthly budget amounts in Column D. The budget amounts will show up on each month's Income&Expenses report sheet as well as the YTD Income Statement.

Cost Centers and 1099 info

To set up a Cost Center to track the Net-Balance of certain Subcategories do the following  a.  Choose Subcategories that have both income and expenses. b.  Click on the Deposits and Checks tabs on the first period’s worksheet and assign the Subcategory to the identical column number on each one.  View the Cost Center balances by clicking on Summary then on the Cost Center tab.      

To set up 1099 tracking, click on “Checks” and scroll to the far right. There are 100 columns to use for 1099s or track anything you like. To see the yearly tracked totals click on “Summary” and the Expense Subcategory tab.

First Time Setup Video