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Customize Your System


To break down Main categories further you may choose to use the

100 income and 100 expense subcategories. You can use these to

summarize 1099 information for the entire year or for tracking

individual membership dues for non-profit groups. 

Cost (Profit) Centers 

Income of a project can be compared against expenses of the same project to view the year-to-date profit for your cost center.

 Category Corner

Click on January to setup categories for the year.  You can use the preset categories for business, non-profit and personal use by clicking “Setup” from the left menu, then click the down arrow. Or, you may want to choose expense categories from one of the following business types:

 Subcategories and Cost Centers

 Hide and Unhide Sheets

You can hide sheets you don’t plan to use by clicking on the tab, then click on “Hide Sheet”.  To Unhide Sheets, go to “Setup” and click “Unhide”.