Big E-Z May Be Just Right for You!

Are you still using outdated, cumbersome accounting software that doesn’t fit your business? Most small businesses no longer need to print batches of checks or batches of invoices.

Big E-Z Books may be the right choice for you if you:

— Have between 1 - 200 bank debit and credit transactions each month.

— Have between 1 - 11 income categories to track.

— Have between 1 - 25 expense categories to track.

— Track between 1 - 100 subcategories, 1099s, member dues or cost centers

— Want to track your business on the cash basis

    (instead of the more complex accrual accounting system)

Want a straightforward, practical, simple and easy no frills way to keep your books.

Contact us with your questions. We’re here to help!